Friday, January 8, 2010

Lucky with ice cream? Yey or Ney?

Some of you all email me and ask me how do I manage to snap ice cream so decently. I don't wanna use the word perfectly but the fact is, I do not always get lucky with ice cream shots. These are some shots I took previously from my Burnt Sugar Ice Cream. These are my first batch and the weather was a freaking 41°C.

After all the melon balling, drizzling of warm caramel cream and piping of whipped cream, they look so ugly I have to churn another batch. My pictures here, they do no justice and in fact insulted Tessa Kiros's beautiful caramel ice cream.

If you're going for good looking photos, cheat your way through. When I mention in my post to drizzle warm caramel sauce, I've actually drizzled cold caramel. I scooped the ice cream and place them in the serving glass and freeze it again. An hour later, I drizzle the cold caramel cream and chill it in the freezer again for 10 minutes. I then think of how and where I want to shoot it, looking at the sun, shadow and maybe some simple props, just to bring out the ice cream look.

When I'm all set, snap snap and pop it back in the freezer. If I'm not satisfied, I'll snap snap again and eat only when I'm happy with my shots. Aaron can happily take a spoon and dig in the remaining so we don't really exactly have to wait to eat.

Photoshooting can be fun and upsetting at times so play around and have fun. If it comes out ugly and all melted, laugh it away and start all over again!

Hope this helps. Good night!

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  1. It's way below zero in the US... the ice cream looks great and melty-sexy...
    not to worry that it doesn't look like everyone else's!!!

  2. Someone asked me recently how I produce non-melted ice cream photos, too. I throw them in the freezer while in its dish as I set up the photo area. This ice cream still sounds and looks good. YUM!

  3. You reminded me of my mango ice-cream pics. Hated the whole process. As challenging as photographing souffles. Won't do it again (the photographing, not the eating). That you actually have a blog dedicated to ice-creams is fantastic, Quinn!

    PS: Memoria takes really good ice-cream pics too!! ;)

  4. lostpastremembered: Thanks! Melty-sexy...Mmmm....I like the word!

    Memoria: Love the suggestion and that's what I did too. Thanks for sharing! And I freeze it back a while more and eat it. Ugly but yummy makes it up!

    Ju: I thought photographing souffles is way way harder. They just collapse the very moment they are out from the oven! Unless you make chilled souffles of course! Then it will hold its shape. Thanks again Ju!

    And yeah, Memoria takes good shot of food, not just ice cream. Check others out!!! Awesome in awesomeness!!!

  5. Hahaha ...! How you described the whole process makes it sound challenging & yet fun! Isn't photographing ice cream a love-hate relationship ... Agreed with Ju, so is souffle! Arrgghhh ...