Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hokey Pokey

Who could ever resist saying okey dokey to a second helping of Hokey Pokey? Hokey Pokey, according to Wikipedia is New Zealand's second best favourite ice cream flavour after vanilla ice cream. At its core, Hokey Pokey is plain vanilla ice cream with honeycomb flecked in it.

Yes, Hokey Pokey is a flavour of ice cream. It doesn't really matter if you're using French Style ice cream or Philadelphia style ice cream. French Style ice creams are ice cream with egg yolk custard base. They are rich, smoother and more to my liking. Egg yolks are natural emulsifier so it thickens the ice cream a fair bit. Philadelphia style ice creams are eggless and doesn't require cooking. Philadelphia style ice creams are light tasting, perfect as an accompaniment alongside tarts and flourless chocolate cakes. They could be rock hard when frozen since it is purely sugar, cream and sometimes milk. Just thaw it in the fridge like 20 minutes before serving and it'll be as good as freshly churned.

After all that rambling and sharing with you my knowledge of ice cream, I don't even have a proper post of vanilla ice cream (both styles!) in this blog! I will churn some soon. Because this summer and weather is driving me nuts and short tempered and I need some of these to cool myself down. And also to wash it off as my desserts in many upcoming Christmas parties! And the picture below, that's me holding on to the cone and thinking of how I should photograph it. It's 39°C today and if I only start styling when the cone is topped, there is a big chance it would have melted away before I could say Hokey Pokey!

I've used Philadelphia ice cream base in this recipe for my Hokey Pokey ice cream. I have also go to the extent of making my own honeycomb. You can obviously use store-bought ones and they are equally good but you probably know me by now, I try to make everything from scratch where possible. You can use any other vanilla ice creams, French or Philadelphia ones and add honeycomb flecks to it and call it Hokey Pokey. Usually served in double scoops so here it is, my homemade Hokey Pokey. Kids love these stuffs! Make a large batch of these!

Philadelphia Style Ice Cream (Eggless)

One recipe of Philadelphia Style Ice Cream

Make them as usual and churn them in your ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instruction. Halfway through churning, add in all (you can reserve some for topping) the honeycomb speckles and churn until done.

Honeycomb Speckles
makes enough for this batch of Hokey Pokey

3 tbsp heapead castor sugar
2 tbsp water
2 tsp honey
Pinch of baking soda

Line a cookie sheet with a baking paper and generously grease it with butter. Place the sugar, water and honey in a smallish pan and caramelize it until it reaches a deep dark golden amber. Working quickly, use your finger and sprinkle over a pinch of baking soda and swirl the pan around. Stir it briefly and quickly pat everything out onto the prepared sheet. Let it cool well and become brittle. Gently peel it off the paper and break them up a bit. Place them in a Ziploc bag and crush them to speckles with a rolling pin.

To serve, scoop them out onto sugar cones, two generous scoops, one on top of another. Dress them up with remaining speckles and serve immediately.

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  1. Oh, yes! I've heard about hokey pokey ... And, a flavor "invented" by Baskin & Robbins (sp?) in New Zealand if unmistaken! Hmm ... Never thought of making honeycomb before ... Would love to as it can be used for cake decorating, too!

    The beautiful, skinny gal behind is also as eye-catching as the ice cream, too! You look gorgeous! You have so much ice cream and yet you can keep in shape! Kudos! I'm out of shape now, LOL! Keep it up, yea? I love your sense of humor. I perfectly understand the pain of taking shots of ice cream on summer days! What a bummer! I guess with me now back home in Malaysia, the pain is part of the joy whenever I make ice cream! Hahahaha!


  2. Beautiful! This sounds heavenly =D.

  3. Hi Quinn, I like all your three posts today. Look so delicious and easy recipes for me to follow.

  4. Pei-Lin: I didn't knwo it is so easy until I've googled it up. That proportion is just my favourite. Sets quickly and translucent like glass. Beautiful decorations with it! Just shot you an email, check it out!

    Lauren: Thanks, they already sent me to heaven!

    Ann: I'm glad you find them easy to follow and yummy! Try them when you have time!